We don’t start our own businesses just to earn big bucks. Honestly, you could earn a fair amount of money working for someone else. Entrepreneurs like us know there is more to life than bringing home a big paycheck. When you started your own business, yes, you did so with the intention banking big bucks and having more freedom. You were not interested in the exhausting 9-5 grind of working for someone else. Who wants to work eight plus hours a day and then have to come home, cook dinner, help with homework, and spend time with your family, all the while, just wanting to crawl into bed in an exhausted sleep?

So you hung out your shingle and said goodbye to corporate life. The only difference is now your office is at home and work is always staring you in the face. You work on your business all day, take care of your chores and family, and once again find yourself in your home office at 10:00 at night….working!

Every person you know who had the courage to go it alone has been right where you are now – working around the clock, and bemoaning how your “hourly rate” must be at an all-time low. Being a business owner doesn’t have to mean that you are imprisoned by your workload. Don’t get me wrong; the payoff can be amazing, but only if you manage yourself properly.

Building a business takes commitment and time. So much time!

So, as the end of the year approaches, ask yourself a question:

How can I create more freedom in my business?

Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Schedule *everything*! I write down everything I need to do every day. I’m talking from taking a shower in the morning and eating breakfast to social media posting and procuring new clients. You’ll be amazed at how much you get done.
  2. Stay on task! Don’t get sidetracked by Facebook or scanning the news. So much time is taken away from your business by these types of distractions.
  3. Take breaks! Yes, schedule your breaks on your calendar. This is the only way you will get up from your desk. It doesn’t matter what you do during that time, as long as it’s self-care. Take a walk or sit outside for 30 minutes. Just DO IT!
  4. Break up your week! Don’t write down everything you need to accomplish on one To-Do List. Spread it out. You may have 20 tasks to take care of; prioritize them and do a little each day, so your list is more manageable and not an intimidating animal ready to eat you.
  5. Organize, Organize, And Organize! Organization is essential to your business. Everything has a place, and everything should be in its place. Be as efficient as possible.
  6. Build your team! We all need help. Start by building your team. Virtual assistants help support your business, so you have more freedom to do the things you love. Remember, every minute you spend on social media, marketing, or administrative work is money and freedom taken away from you and your income producing business.

Let me know how this works for you. I can’t wait to hear from you!